Software Product Management

Do you you have a software product that you want to commercialize? Our unique service can help you bring your product to market, enabling you to earn real money from your hard work. We have 14 years worth of experience and associations with billing partners, software promoters and App stores. Our staff has experience in software product design, release, promotion and support. We are intimately familiar with the expectations of customers and the support requirements of users. We provide these services to vendors on a consultancy basis or in the role of software publishers. We have been through the tension and uncertainty of software releases ourselves. We can remove the guess work from your software release and help you to earn money from your software project from the day on which it is released.

Development Services

Do you have custom software requirements? Are you missing that one important tool that will make your life easier or fix a major business problem? Aequitas can help. Our staff have been developing solutions for Web-based platforms for over 15 years. Because of experience in commercial utility software development environments, our programmers are experts in the workings of multiple product suites, meaning that we can produce software applications that deliver premium performance and are optimised for your computing infrastructure. Our experience in user interface design on both Windows and Web-based platforms allows us to create software solutions that work the way you think. Each project is tailor made to customer requirements. We don’t start development until we understand your problems and our solutions are crafted to match your operational requirements.